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Soccer Field Position Teaching Maps

If you coach the Under 6, Under 8, or Under 10 year old age groups you have probably found yourself trying to explain to your kids what position they are going to play for a game, and where they are supposed to play. Likewise, if you have a child on the field you want them to have a basic understanding of what their role is in each game.

Usually what you end up with is a mass of kids running like a solid mass up and down the field.

I made these two diagrams for my U8 team last week and I have seen great improvement in just two practices and in the first game since implementation. Especially with my son who thought that a forward ran all over the field like a midfielder!

We labeled the defenders the “Red Zone”. The arrows represent the space on the field that the defenders will normally occupy during a game.

The Midfielders are the “Blue Zone” and the arrows likewise show were midfielders will shift for a game.

The Forwards are the “Green Zone” and this shows ideally where we want them positioned to take advantage of scoring opportunities.

You would be amazed how quickly our kids identified a position, and part of the field with a color.

(Keep in mind that the positions move horizontally and vertically on the field, too many arrows would be too confusing)

I sent each kid home with a copy to put on their refrigerator.

We saw overnight improvement in spacing and creation of scoring opportunities.

We had triple the scoring opportunities in this weeks game and we won 5-1.

Regardless of whether you are a parent or a coach, your child can learn from these diagrams, even though they are very simple.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know how your results are!

Here they are: (click to view or right click to download)

Soccer Kick Off Positions

Soccer Field Game Positions

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8 comments… add one

  • I can’t wait to use this at my kids practice this week. Thanks!

  • I plan to use these at my next practice and will provide you an update as the season progresses.

  • Awesome Maps!!! Thank you! I showed the maps to my 9yr old Daughter and she instantly understood!

  • When will anyone get that the players in the back (near the goalie) are not defenders! THEY ARE CALLED “BACKS”. the game is separated by offense and defense by possession, once a team is with out a ball – EVERYONE IS A DEFENDER, for everyone defends the goal and puts something into it.

    sometimes forwards don’t go all the way back, this is so there is an effective counter attack and is purely strategy. however, they can and have. BACKS move up to, normally for supporting the attack, but they may and have move up to score

    whats the issue? calling a player ‘defense’ will give them the thought that “this is all I am to do”. “this is all my position is good for”. bad attitude, wrong idea!

  • Thanks! Definitely gonna try this with my U8 girls. Was about to make one up myself and then I saw yours.

  • Hey – real soccer player? Just thought I would add to your goofy comment. The term defender is made to describe positions on the field. I have heard Messi say Defender before. When you say “back” that could be used out of context too. Telling the players that they are playing centerback could also mean the players have to stay back!! When coaching youth soccer there has to be a description of each position and I am sorry, but defense is a real soccer responsibilty. You are complicationg the terms of the game too much. You do not have to degrade a nice fun attempt to explain positions on the field. It is like trying to seperate the term police officer from the term cop. It is the same difference. Most coaches that I have ever met in 40 years of soccer know that a defender can score a goal too. But the game is about scoring more goals than the other team. So your defense is equally important to the game. 6 year olds do not need to be taught the transition part of the game yet. I say this idea is a nice one to help out children that may not see as much soccer as you do. It is the field work of all the junior coaches out there that prepare these players for the next level. Even experienced club level teams all over the world have had to use terms like “defender” and utilize strict positions to get to the point of teaching “total football.” It is a small and practical step to prepare players for team tactics.

  • Thank you for this.

  • Coach–I totally agree with you re: “real soccer player” and I am so very happy I found your site. Even though I played soccer throughout my schooling (middle, high & college), I haven’t coached in a very long time and now I am coaching 6 & 7 year olds–most of whom have not played before. Your soccer positions layouts are exactly what I worked on with our team (and parents) at our last practice. What a perfect handout for our players/parents!!! Thank you again!

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