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Soccer Field Diagrams for Parents and Coaches

I was at an indoor soccer game this morning with my 7 year old, and I noticed that some children didn’t understand the correlation of where they were to be positioned on the field in relation to the position they were playing.  Forwards were in the goalie box and midfielders were often out of position to receive goal kicks.

I think that children like my own will benefit from a graphical representation of the soccer field.

Today I want to give you some resources for soccer field diagrams.  I think it is helpful for younger players that are just learning the game to have some pictures to look at of the field to get a grasp of where the goals are, what direction on the field they should be attacking, defending, etc…

ChartsGraphsDiagrams.com is a site that allows you to download and print free soccer field diagrams.
Soccer Diagram

What I have done for my kids is take multiple copies of the field and draw examples of the following positions:

  • Forward
  • Midfielder
  • Fullback
  • Goalie

Many kids learn by both seeing and doing.  So if you can draw a picture for them to understand where the position they play should be on the field.   They will identify a picture in their mind with the name of the position.

Would you like to see some examples?

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